Holiday Truffle Collection

Holiday season mean time for our Holiday Truffles! We brought back some of the favorites from last year and are introducing a new flavor this year. These truffles we were inspired by the many familiar flavors of the season and have unique take on the traditional truffles.

But remember, these truffles are only available for limited time from November 30th – December 20th at on our online Sweet Silk Shop.

Almond Peppermint Bark

We combined two classic flavors of marzipan and peppermint bark. We laced our almond sweet with peppermint oil, enrobed it in luscious white chocolate, dipped it again in 60% cacao dark chocolate and then topped it with shards of peppermint candy. This truffle exudes the holidays and its decadent layer is sure to become a new favorite!
Pistachio Amaretto Cherry

A new addition to the holiday truffle collection this year, which is inspired by classic Italian flavors. This spiked truffle is a blend of sweet pistachio with dark bing cherries soaked in amaretto. The festive red & green fudge-like center is hand rolled, enrobed in semi-sweet chocolate and topped with slivers of pistachio on top. This truffle pairs perfectly with a shot of Italian espresso as an after dinner treat!
Cranberry Orange Delight

A little spin on the cranberry chutney we serve with our holiday meals, we created this sweet and tart truffle. We blended deep red dried cranberries with a touch of honey and orange peel. Each truffle is then hand dipped twice in white chocolate and topped with a candied orange peel. This is one of our favorites as it has a refreshing citrus punch and is just sweet enough to tickle our sweet tooth.
Fig Gingerbread Spice

This is yet another Sweet Silk take on a seasonal favorite. To evoke those beloved deep spicy gingerbread flavors, we blended dried black mission figs with crystallized ginger, a blend of spices such as clove, cinnamon, nutmeg and cardamom with touch of molasses and brown sugar. The sweet is hand rolled then dipped in 60% cacao dark chocolate and topped with a sliver of crystallized sugar. May want to leave this truffle out for Santa instead of cookies and you might just get more than you asked for!
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